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Mounting System

Not perhaps discussed by many, but nevertheless another important component, as there is no point in spending money on modules, to have them blown off your roof in a storm. Whether it be a ground or roof mounted system, we supply only Shletter or Renusol systems as, having seen most, we believe that they Schletter manufacture the best rails and the strongest clip fixings. In our experience we believe that the clips are even more important than the rails themselves. In addition all our operatives are fully trained in the installation of all their systems, and do not for example (as we have seen done by others) drill straight through slates and fix anchors on the top of slates, as opposed to fixing directly through the sarking and trusses below, then fitting lead “soakers” to anchors if required.


Ground Mount System

We offer two types of ground mount systems tubs and frame mounts as shown below. Should you require any further information as to which would be most appropriate for your project, then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.




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    Once we made the decision to go with Eco Power Innovations everything was very easy and straightforward. Prior to the installation the energy consultant was happy on several separate occasions to field the many little questions we had concerning the installation as well as him personally having the knowledge needed to answer any technical installation queries while the staff in the office were equally helpful when it came to questions about registering the system and arranging the time to do the installation.

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