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Feed In Tarrifs

The government’s Feed-In Tariff scheme (FITs) recognises that if you install solar PV or other qualifying installations that will generate electricity from either a renewable source or a low-carbon source, then you could be eligible to receive payment from your energy supplier for the electricity that you generate.

How Does it Work

The FITs scheme works in three ways for eligible installations:

Firstly, you will get a generation tariff from your energy supplier. This will be paid at a set rate for each kWh or unit of electricity that you generate. A registered installation can have tariff levels guaranteed for the period of the tariff, this can be up to 20 years as well as being indexed linked.

Secondly, you will receive an additional (index linked) export tariff from your energy supplier for each unit exported back into the national grid. If you have a smart meter you can monitor what you export back into the national grid but if not most energy suppliers estimate that 50% of the electricity you generate is exported back to the national grid.

Thirdly, you will save on your electricity bills because by generating your own electricity you don’t have to buy as much from your energy supplier, with the overall amount saved varying depending on your annual electricity usage.

How Do I Register for the FIT Scheme

Eco Power Innovations will guide you through the registration process by:

  • registering your solar PV installation on the MCS database, issue you with the required MCS certificate and inform your chosen supplier that you wish to register for FIT
  • send your supplier the necessary application form, MCS certificate & Energy Performance Certificate (efficiency rating must be band D or greater)
  • your energy supplier will check the MCS database and check eligibility of the installation

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