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Case Study

Angus  Fruit Farmer Chooses Latest Solar Technology For His Farm

Having looked at various types of renewable energy systems including wind turbines, an Angus farmer has recently installed a solar system to reduce his ever increasing electricity bills.

This system incorporates the very latest “new generation” CIS (Copper, Indium and Selenium/Gallium) high performance modules – PowerMax Strong. As well as being incredibly robust, these panels deliver an extremely high yield. This technology was recommended to them by us at ECO Power Innovations. They are delighted with the systems results which have easily met predicted performance levels – the system evebn generated electricity when covered in 2 inches of snow!

“Having looked at various forms of renewables I believe that solar PV is most suited to our business, as it produces most of the electricity during the summer months when we require it most to run our electric dressers/driers/packaging machines and cool storage. We also found this to be the least initial outlay, shortest pay-back and good long-term returns with very little maintenance.”

With the payback periods on our commercial systems averaging 8 years, we are confident that solar is the most cost-effective method of reducing energy bills within industries using high amounts of electricity throughout the day.

Ever improving module technology is resulting in higher yields, this, when coupled with increasing energy bills means that Solar PV really is undoubtedly the best solution for the long-term reduction in energy costs.

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